Latvian entrepreneurs conquer Moscow

  • March 23
  • On the 30 January 2012 in the Central House in the grand hall was held an thematic event With love for Latvia, organized by journal Open City (Открытый город). Event was attended by a large delegation of business and government representatives from Latvia and Riga in particular, headed by vice-mayor of Riga Andris Ameriks. Latvian business was represented by several well-established companies, such as airBaltic by vice-president Gregory Pomerancev, Tilts director Sergey Gridnev, Latimira un Partneri bureau was represented by CEO Ingrida Latimira, event was also attended by Latvia's Ambassador to Russia Edgars Skuja, as well as many well-known Russian artists, including theater director Adolf Shapiro, poet Lydia Kozlova-Tanich, writer Leonid Mlechin and many others.

    During the evening guests in various creative ways were reminded of the close ties between Russia and Latvia. Guests were also given many opportunities to win various prizes associated with Latvia in quizzes. The event presented a great opportunity to strengthen relations between two countries and capitals in a less formal setting. The event was praised by both guests and the press alike.