The company “Latimira and Partners” offers its services both in Latvia and abroad.


  • Mandatory audit
  • Tax audit,
  • Accounting inspection of accounts,
  • Auditory consultation,
  • Due Diligence


Company name and logo

The company name derives from an ancient Scottish family Latimir that subsequently cooperated with the famous Macfarlane clan. Logo was created on the model of the ancient family emblem. The ink pen is crossed with a pen on the emblem. This symbolizes the completion of audit. The stars symbolize the high achievements and public trust. Shield emphasizes the ability to persist in opinion.

Board of management

Company’s founder and Managing Director is Ingrida Latimira (Udre).

Ingrida Latimir

Sworn auditor, Master of Economics


“Latimira and Partners” participates in international projects, cooperating with various international organizations. Its experts participate in conferences, hold educational workshops and offer consultations to the clients on accounting and auditory issues.

Similarly, the company participates in various research projects related to the company’s big financial indicators statistics obtaining, aggregation and analysis in the Baltic region and European Union. “Latimira and Partners” offers to the students the opportunities to undergo training, and future specialists can receive invaluable practical knowledge in financial audit.